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New York City: Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera, veterans of the Stonewall Rebellion and founders of STAR (Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries), march in the 1973 Pride Parade.


Edie Windsor’s Great American Love Story

The tear jerking romance behind the DOMA case. 


Born this day in history: Harvey Milk (May 22, 1930 - November 27, 1978)

Born in Woodmere, New York in 1930, Harvey Bernard Milk would later grow up to be the first openly gay politician elected to office in the state of California. His ambition was not always activism and politics, and he started out majoring in mathematics at the New York State College for Teachers. After graduating, Harvey Milk joined the Navy and served in the Korean War as a diving officer. After many career changes, Harvey Milk eventually settled in San Francisco where he and this then boyfriend, Scott Smith, opened up a small camera shop in 1973, which can still be seen today. It was in that same year that Milk found his passion for politics. 

In 1973, Harvey Milk ran for San Francisco Supervisor gained impressive support in the Castro District; however, he was not elected to the position until 1978. While in office, Milk helped pass a bill that made it illegal to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, as well as an ordinance requiring dog owners to clean up after their pets. One of Milk’s crowning achievements was helping to defeat the Briggs Initiative, which would have made it mandatory to fire LGBT public school teachers and their supporters. 

Even after his tragic assassination in November of 1978, Harvey Milk still remains one of the most recognizable and influential LGBT activists in politics, and his words continue to inspire people to this day.

Happy Birthday, Harvey. 


May 21, 1979: The White Night riots begin.

On November 27, 1978, Harvey Milk - San Francisco’s first and one of the country’s first openly gay elected officials - was shot and killed by San Francisco supervisor Dan White (also killed in the attack was Mayor George Moscone). White and Milk had served together (and often clashed on issues while serving together) on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors under Dianne Feinstein for around ten months before White, citing his disgust at the corruption of city politics and his need for a higher salary, resigned his position as supervisor. After Moscone declined his request for re-appointment to his position at Milk’s (and others’) urging, White assassinated both men at San Francisco City Hall. 

White’s trial officially began on May 1, 1979. The jury announced its verdict three weeks later after 36 hours of deliberation  White was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter and was sentenced to seven years in prison; his defense team had successfully argued that, because of White’s spiral into depression (as evidenced by his change in diet from healthy foods to junk food), he would have been unable to premeditate murder, therefore making it impossible for him to be charged with first degree murder. Instead, White’s assassination of Milk and Mayor Moscone was defined as third degree murder, a “heat of passion” crime, and the least severe conviction White could have managed to leave the courtroom with, despite the fact that White had admitted to planning the assassinations of Carol Ruth Silver and Willie Brown. 

The “White Night riots” began in the Castro District (where Harvey Milk began his work as a gay rights activist) as a gathering of several hundred people, mostly members of the Castro’s LGBT community. Enraged over White’s light sentence, thousands of protesters erupted into violence, and riots broke out near City Hall. By the end of the incident, during which policemen indiscriminately attacked rioters and vice versa, sixty-one policemen and around 100 protesters were hospitalized. Throughout the 1960s and 70s, tensions between San Francisco’s conservative elements and its growing minority populations increased as the latter groups gained political and economic influence - this hostile divide was apparent within the Board of Supervisors, in the conflict between White (who was relatively conservative) and Milk, and in the White Night riots, which pitted the city’s police department, which had raised money for White’s defense, against the city’s gay community, which had been revitalized under Milk’s leadership and by his election.

In 1985, Dan White committed suicide. Harvey Milk was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2009. 



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U.S. Democrats plan to give Israel an addition $225 million for military spending. The same bill also cuts $1 billion of emergency funds meant to deal with the 50,000 undocumented child migrants held in crowded and unsanitary border facilities.
Israel already received $504 million for the joint U.S.-Israel Missle Defense Program for the Fiscal Year of 2014. That is not including the $3.1 Billion the Obama Administration spent on Foreign Military Financing (FMF) for Israel for the Fiscal Year 2014.

Fuck this

This makes me really, really mad


I’m actually crying now.

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Needy people

Why do people ask for so much fucking help when they can do without it? I’m at this summer program and I help this girl find her way around, gave her my number, and just talked to her but now she wants to borrow things because someone else suggested that I would have what she was looking for! Seriously. Other people did the same thing for me, but I never asked to borrow anything and when someone paid for me without me asking I repaid that person. Sharing isn’t always caring sometimes it’s the cause of irresponsible people.



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"Although throughout the season you see that Poussey is frustrated by her incarceration, she has four more years to do there, so it’s not like she can so much see her end date. So I think, in contrast to some of the other characters, she really has to make prison her home, and has to make it livable there. I really enjoyed finding the joy within the fucked-upness of it.”

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France protests despite the French government’s ban :) :) :) [x]

"Those who do not respect the ban, in support of protests or against them, face the risk of being stopped, arrested and handed over to the courts," Paris police said in a statement.
However, large crowds defied the warning and gathered in the capital chanting “Israel, assassin” in front of police barricades. Rallies were also held in more than a dozen other cities, from Lille in the north to Marseille in the South.


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