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France protests despite the French government’s ban :) :) :) [x]

"Those who do not respect the ban, in support of protests or against them, face the risk of being stopped, arrested and handed over to the courts," Paris police said in a statement.
However, large crowds defied the warning and gathered in the capital chanting “Israel, assassin” in front of police barricades. Rallies were also held in more than a dozen other cities, from Lille in the north to Marseille in the South.


Different perspectives

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My typical school day

As a teacher, I wish one of my students would say this. I would die laughing and then remember I’m supposed to be the adult in the room. 


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okay but the amount of planning that went into this vine……

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No Charges for Cop Who Killed 13 Year Old Holding Toy Gun | The Free Thought Project 
Sonoma County DA announced on Monday that they will not be filing charges against Deputy Erick Gelhaus who shot a child through the heart, then 6 more times after the first fatal round, on October 22, in Santa Rosa, CA.
The young boy was walking down the street carrying a partially translucent plastic airsoft BB gun that resembled a rifle when he was spotted by Deputy Gelhaus and his partner Michael Schemmel.
Gelhaus ordered Lopez to drop his weapon, possibly confused because the orange tip on the toy was missing.
Lopez then began to turn towards the officer when the officer immediately opened fire, shooting to kill. Gelhaus told investigators that he could not remember if he identified himself as a police officer,
Seven bullets were fired at Andy Lopez within six seconds.  The officer’s report claims that he shot Lopez after he turned towards him with the toy gun, despite bullet wounds in Lopez’s side (which supporters claim may indicate he was struck while turning).
The altercation lasted a total of 19 seconds from the call for backup to “shots fired”.
After the 8th grader was on the ground, having been shot repeatedly, the officers then handcuffed the child’s dead, lifeless body.
New information released yesterday indicates Lopez may have smoked weed in the hours before the incident, the report states that he would likely have had “impaired judgement, slowed decision making and increased mental processing time, particularly when having to deal with performance of sudden, unanticipated tasks, including decisions that require a quick response.”
Jonathan Melrod, attorney and extremely dedicated activist, said the decision was based on “patent lies.”
“The police feel that we, the community, are their enemy, they police us as though they are still in Iraq or Afghanistan.” he stated.  He also said that using marijuana as an excuse is just a way to divert blame to the victim.
“Let’s assume there was THC. Does that justify executing Andy?” he demanded.
Gelhaus is ironically a firearms instructor, as well as a contributing writer to gun publications, despite having once accidentally shot himself in the leg in 1995 as he searched a teenager for weapons.
People gathered to protest the decision last night, and social media was full of cries of “You say justified- We say homicide!” and “Jailhouse for Gelhaus”.
Dozens of protests have been organized, mainly by other children who go by “Andy’s Youth”, and they have been passionate and intense.  From crossing police lines to bravely face off with riot police, marching and storming city council with crosses representing police brutality victims, to shaming killer cops they run into along their marches… these kids have been truly inspiring.
A demonstration to protest the decision was scheduled at the “hall of injustice” for Tuesday at 1pm.
It has yet to be announced if Gelhaus will begin patrolling the streets once again.  Lets hope he doesn’t.
Andy’s life mattered. 

Kate Moennig, Ray Donovan Season 2 premiere, Malibu, july 9th 2014.

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Current Palestinian and Israeli fatalities since the Israel’s Operation Protective Edge. Via Ben White.
The narrative that insists “both sides are equally guilty” falls apart each time Israel leads an offensive on Palestinian population. Whether it is Operation Protective Edge or Operation Pillar of Defence or any other attack led by Israel on Palestinians, the glaring disparity of military power of that possessed by Israel and the barely-existing means held by Palestinians is more than obvious. The narrative should have never been about the culpability of “both sides” because that indicates a semblance of equality; of both sides maintaining the same amount of power but in this case, there is none. The liberal guilt complex which insists to see “both sides” attempts to create an illusion of balance between the settler and the invaded, the colonizer and the colonized.
One side has the Obama administration funding its security with $3 billion dollars annually up to 2018, the other is regularly threatened and faced with residential demolition, forced displacement, starvation, detention for both adults and children, collective punishment and a myriad of more fascist apartheid logic. One side can afford sitting at leisure on a hilltop in Sderot overlooking Gaza and rejoice as blasts hit Palestinians, the other flees for its life. You cannot strike a balance between Israel and Palestine; you cannot compare both because the comparison requires equilibrium of some sort. Here there is none.
One has to be incredibly naive or deliberately dishonest to implore that the world see “both sides” because there is only one side and that side is being obliterated ruthlessly. And we all know which type between naive and dishonest is more in numbers.

This catapillers face

"Gaza was bombarded with 273 airstrikes yesterday (8th July). That’s an average of 11 an hour. Gaza is about 25 miles long and 4 miles wide, with a population of 1.7 million crammed into that tiny space. It is under Israeli occupation and Israeli siege. Hospitals estimate they will run out of resources to treat the wounded in about two days. Electricity is intermittent. Gaza has no army, air force or navy. Israel is the fourth largest military power in the world. Resistance to occupation is allowed under international law. Israel’s occupation, siege and collective punishment of Gaza is not."

- Palestine Solidarity Campaign UK (via america-wakiewakie)

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